Silverlake Moms Beauty and Self Care Club membership guidelines

Annual subscriptions:

You must be 16 years or older to become a member of the Beauty and Self Care Club.

Members are automatically enrolled in the Beauty and Self Care Club Monthly Program and this is the only bill you will ever be charged.

Your credit card will be charged at time of your monthly check in or payment of your annual dues via Paypal or credit card payment. If you are joining during the pay month, your dues will be automatically charged to the credit card associated with your Paypal account.

If you would like to be billed yearly instead of monthly, you must initiate your subscription before your first payment. This must be done within 30 days of your dues becoming payable and must be processed via Paypal or credit card payment. If you are joining during the pay month, your annual subscriptions will automatically charged to your credit card associated with your Paypal account.

Your annual dues will be invoiced from January 1st to January 31st of the year after. If your join date is on a January 1st, your annual dues will be due on the January 31st. If you join on the last day of a month, you must initiate your yearly subscription during the first pay month of the year to be billed.

One person subscription (like and club beauty or lifestyle subscription, body cleansing or house cleaning subscription) can be paid with one credit card per month but this is required for 1 credit card user. One person household subscriptions (like and club membership ) must use the credit card associated with that membership.

Multiple person subscriptions can be paid with different credit cards. For example, you can pay the person who is getting membership with one card and pay the other members of the household subscription with their own credit card.

Credit cards cannot be used during a membership promotion or trial period. Only credit cards can be used for credit card payment.

You may cancel membership if you wish to at any time but this will result in a year of free membership to each member of the household that joined at the same time. You may renew membership anytime as long as you haven’t cancelled and have a valid membership in a previous year. If you wish to cancel but your previous members have not yet renewed, they will be allowed to maintain their year of free membership. If you cancel and they do not renew membership, they will have to pay the dues if they join during the same pay month of the year.

On-line payment:

Subscription information is on our website or be contacted via email and we will send it to you.

Cancellation Information:

Contact the email below with at least 5 days notice before the monthly or annual subscriptions is due.

Please notify us via email if you are cancelling during the pay month. This should only occur if a family member is being added or the mother may be moving out. If the family is being added you must first notify us. If the family is being removed, there is no cancel requirement.

Any billing for the month will need to be changed or there will be a bounced check charge on your credit card statement. This charge will come from our company.

Any previous orders cannot be canceled and it would prevent the family from getting the membership they need.

Promotions and/or discounts to our members must be cleared at time of first purchase.

We hope you will find that membership with the Silverlake Moms Beauty and Self Care Club makes it easier to achieve the beauty and self care of you and your family.

Silverlake Moms Beauty and Self Care Club membership benefits:

Reduced Membership Fees


The Silverlake Moms Beauty and Self Care Club fosters a strong sense of community among members through periodic get-togethers that are planned throughout the year. Networking opportunities help us support one another to get through the day.

Access to Educational Information

Both free and affordable resources, including topics for baby showers, moms to be and baby shower party tips, postpartum moodiness, diet and exercise tips, and stories, stories and more stories of personal transformations are available to members through our website, email newsletter and blog.

Shop Savings

Our newsletter and our newsletters followers are our personal shopper/adviser. No monthly subscriptions and they give us valuable advice, support and knowledge that can save you lots of money when shopping for beauty and self care products and items. I will work with you one on one for your individual needs.

Health Benefits

Our healthy lifestyle blog will educate you on health related topics such as diet, exercise, alternatives to you current beauty regimen, acne/liver issues, pregnancy, tips and tricks to achieving a radiant healthy glow, etc.

RSS Content for us to continue to keep you up to date on our clubs events and educational content, offers for local business discounts and giveaways.


Our clubhouse consists of the opportunity to get to know and support other area mothers and families.

Group support as needed

The purpose of the Silverlake Moms Beauty and Self Care Club is to help you achieve a radiant healthy glow in your own life and that of your family by providing education, support and information through our membership and benefits. Each member of our club will have a personal shopper for self and beauty care items. Our Club also provides a valued resource to you by featuring special savings to help you save on products. Our knowledgeable and friendly club allows us to support you and the rest of the family with one of the most important beauty regimens of all: a healthy glow.

We can’t wait to hear from you and to provide you all the best with this exclusive club we hope you choose. It’s a Beauty, Body and Health membership only for SILVERLAKE MOMS by BRITISH COFFEE.

Best wishes,

Maritza Britely, President/Cofounder/Manager

Our Mission

To positively impact quality of life by spreading interest and knowledge about health and beauty issues and services among mothers of Silverlake and surrounding communities. We invite all such mothers to participate by joining this club that is a community of dedicated beauty and health enthusiasts and educators, connecting with a supportive network of other mother caretakers and beauty warriors in the family. May we all achieve radiant healthy glow!

Contact us to apply for membership