The Silverlake Moms Club is more than just a group of a few hundred moms talking about momlife. We have a unique vision, mission, and spirit that have created the catalyst for our community of moms, founded on love, truth, trust, respect, and the message of forgiveness. Together, we are a movement of moms working to make a difference in the world around us!We see an opportunity to work together as one big family to spread this message of love, truth, truth, respect, and forgiveness in our children, our schools, our neighborhoods, and our families. By engaging together, we will be able to create real change and give children a better opportunity to thrive.

At the very beginning of our journey, our vision was to make the Silverlake neighborhood a place that is safe, nurturing, diverse, inclusive, and where children are able to thrive. We believe that by creating an environment that cares about each child and in which children are not punished, children’s needs are attended to, and parents feel a sense of pride and achievement when their children are respectful and involved members of the community. We support learning through experiences where children are respectful, caring, and adults are both accepting and enforcing rules. We want to give them the confidence and belief that they can be involved in the creation of a change in their community.

At the same time we are developing our strong business organization, professional standing, and infrastructure, the most important part of our journey has been to create safe and fun spaces where moms can come together to learn and create. As mothers, we naturally bonded over our love of our children and desire to raise them and support them in a way that nurtures and promotes their development and potential to become contributing members of the world around them.

What is the Silverlake Moms Club?

The Silverlake Moms Club is a group of mothers united together for the purposes of fellowship, service and celebration. We will share educational opportunities, develop safe play, nurture healthy eating habits, and celebrate healthy minds and bodies. But most of all we will do it with smiles on our faces, hearts in our hands, and love and compassion in our hearts. We are united by the belief that together, through understanding and action, we can change lives and positively impact our community.

Why we started Silverlake Moms Club beauty blog for moms

We want to empower moms to take better care of themselves and their family. That means being creative, staying up to date on the newest trends, and following healthy living and beauty tips to protect ourselves and help those around us look and feel their best. Through these tips we hope to inspire and empower you to have an active, healthy, and stylish life that gives you the confidence and ability to change your life, in whatever way you choose. We will be highlighting beauty trends and beauty tips, sharing stories, suggesting product reviews, and covering topics such as nutrition, sustainable living, beauty advice and much more.