DIY nail polish remover recipe – Easy nail polish remover for a quick, simple and safe way to remove nail polish

Looking for a fast, easy, and safe way to remove nail polish without the need for harsh chemicals? You’re in luck! I’ve put together a simple nail polish remover recipe just for you!

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve removed my nail polish from my nails. I used to use nail polish remover, but since switching to a no-poo method, my nail polish is just gone without a trace! And I just never want to go back.

However, my new way of removing nail polish has meant that I haven’t been removing my polish as much as I used to.

While I don’t mind taking the time to remove my nail polish, I do enjoy doing it as a weekend “project”. My hands look so pretty when they’re bare, and they don’t look half as good when I’m wearing nail polish!

So with that in mind, I decided to put together a simple DIY nail polish remover that I could make easily at home, without the need for harsh chemicals.

My nail polish remover recipe is based on lemon, and I used lemon to start with. I also used white vinegar to clean up any residue

The recipe is simple to make, and does a great job at removing nail polish from your nails.

And, like I said before, this recipe is safe for use.

DIY Nail Polish Removers: Lemon and White Vinegar Remover

This nail polish remover recipe is a lemon based recipe. As far as I know, it’s the most common one out there, as it’s easy to find on Pinterest. And if you’re looking for a quick and easy nail polish remover recipe, this is a great option.

It’s a simple recipe to follow, and the results are amazing!


1 large lemon

White vinegar


Cut the lemon in half, then squeeze the juice from the lemons into a bowl.

Add the vinegar to the bowl.

Gently swirl the bowl around to make sure the mixture is combined evenly.

Apply the mixture to your nails, and wait for a few minutes. This is the best time to do any additional tasks, or read a book!

Once the mixture is completely dry, you can gently rub the mixture away with a soft cloth. You can use any soft cloth you have lying around, or even a baby wipe.

I personally like using baby wipes as I don’t want to damage my nail polish in any way.

When your nail polish is completely removed, use the soft cloth to wipe away any remaining mixture. You can use a toothbrush to help get the remaining mixture out.

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