Best wellness gifts for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year. I love being able to show my mother the things I care about and the effort I put into keeping myself healthy and happy. When my mother is ill and I can’t be with her this year, I will be sure to send her one of these great gifts.

1. Personalized Fitbit

I love my Fitbit. It’s a great little gadget that gives you personalized information about your health and helps you be more active. It’s always on my bedside table, so I can’t walk past without checking my stats. I like the variety of options and the app that I can customize my information and show my loved ones when they come home. This is one of my favorite gifts because it will help my mother see how she is doing and how she can improve.

2. Fitbit Flex

This is the first fitness tracker I received and one of the only things my mother has had to keep on her. It helps her keep track of how much activity she’s doing each day and where she is throughout the day. The tracker syncs with your phone, so it’s very easy to share information with family. I like the way it tracks my sleep and how I can set a timer to make sure I’m getting up and going to the bathroom before I go to bed.

3. Purely Yours Body Wrap

One of the most relaxing treatments at a spa is the body wrap. The body wrap is a relaxing experience because you are completely submerged in a tub of heated water and oils. The heat is soothing and the oils help relax muscles and the skin. The skin is softened, which makes it easy to remove any dead skin or calluses. This gift is a treat for my mom’s skin that is usually on display because she’s a mom, so she definitely needs a break.

4. VeinView Medical App

I’m always worried that my mother will hurt her foot or leg, but she has very small varicose veins on the backs of her legs. She has been taking prescription strength vitamin B and drinking lots of water to treat the problem. This gift is an app that monitors her blood pressure and vein health throughout the day, as well as her heart rate. She can check her blood pressure in the bathroom or in her car and have peace of mind that she’s going to be okay.

5. Recharge

With Mother’s Day coming up, it is important to remember that we’re always here for our moms, but we need time to ourselves. I’m all about taking the time for myself every day. This is a gift that will help mom be well-rested. It’s an amazing gift that is sure to delight my mother.

6. Skin MD Mask

When I was in high school, I had an obsession with body care products and I would always apply them in the shower. I wanted to get rid of dead skin and leave my skin smooth and bright. I used body lotions, scrubs, and masks to give my skin that glowy look I always wanted. This gift is perfect for any mother-daughter duo. It’s a great mask that will hydrate and soothe the skin. My mom is a busy woman who is constantly on the go, so this gift will give her something to look forward to every week.

7. Eucerin

I’ve been dealing with dry skin my whole life. Every product I tried on my mom’s skin was a disappointment. I’ve heard of people who have had success with Eucerin, so I was excited when my mom brought a sample of it to me for Christmas. She told me she was surprised by how hydrated her skin was after using it. I can only imagine that her skin is going to feel like it’s a new-born baby’s after using it.

8. Skin MD

I’m obsessed with beauty and skincare products. I love my iPhone app because I can use it to find products that I’m not sure about or if I’m in a new city and not sure what brands are available. I am always looking for new products to try and Skin MD is my new favorite. It has a variety of skincare products, including lotions and serums. The products come in a portable sample bag, so I can try it out for my mom and see what my favorite is.

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