Hair care tips for busy moms

You know that when you’re a mom you have to always put your little one first, right? Well, what about your hair?

If you’re like most moms, it’s hard to take time to care for your hair. Not only do you have to keep yourself looking good, but you also have to give your hair the attention it deserves. So, to help busy moms, we’ve compiled a list of hair care tips that can help you keep your gorgeous locks on point. So, if you’re wondering how to care for your hair as a busy mom, keep reading!

1. Try the ‘Tiger Tail’

The ‘Tiger Tail’ is a great way to give your hair some extra shine and luster. All you need is shampoo, conditioner, a comb, and a little bit of extra moisture. Start with shampooing your hair with shampoo. When you’re ready to condition, use the conditioner and your fingers or a comb to give your hair a little extra moisture. Once your hair is damp, comb your hair through and then use your fingers to comb through it to create a tousled look. Now, that’s the “tiger tail” in action!

2. Go to bed with wet hair

If you can keep your hair in a good state of dampness throughout the day, you will have to do is brush it out and go to bed with it. This makes it much easier to get rid of tangles and dry out.

3. Use a wide tooth comb

To add volume, try using a wide tooth comb to pick up more of your hair. This will allow your hair to move around and feel much more comfortable to you.

4. Apply hair serum

When it comes to styling, you should try applying hair serum in your hair prior to blow drying. You can either get a product to apply it by itself or you can use one that comes in a bottle.

5. Use a hair spray

When you’re trying to hold on to some of that length, you can try using a spray on a regular basis. This will allow you to set the style you desire.

6. Use hair cream

To add a little bit of volume, you can try using a product on your hair to do that for you. The added volume can help to give you an awesome style.

7. Use hair extensions

If you would rather not deal with hair care products, you can always use hair extensions. These can be clipped into your hair. With hair extensions, you won’t need to worry about the volume, texture, or curl that your hair will have. Plus, you don’t have to deal with any of the damage that can be caused by your own hair.

8. Use a dry shampoo

When you’re dealing with the morning hair emergency, you can use a dry shampoo to cover up that bad hair day. The dry shampoo can also help to remove some of the product residue left behind by the day’s styling products.

9. Try hair accessories

You can also try wearing hair accessories. This will allow you to spice up yoour look without it being overly styled.

10. Keep your hair in a ponytail

You can easily try keeping your hair in a ponytail throughout the day. This will allow you to keep your hair looking fabulous and prevent it from looking overly styled.

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