How to choose the best gel nail polish color

If you plan to do your own DIY nail art at home, then you need to know how to choose the best gel nail polish for your needs.

Of course, there is no perfect answer to the question of what is the best gel nail polish and which color suits me best.

While trying to answer it you’ll need to consider the skin tone of your hands, the type of salon or nail artist you will be visiting, your style, the occasion, and the season you are planning to wear the nail polish.

Today it’s not very easy to choose your best gel nail polish color with all the hundreds of options available in all the beauty stores and online.

Every professional and consumer-grade gel nail polish brand offers literally thousands of various shades, colors, and effects.

Whether you are planning to do a DIY at-home gel manicure or are going to a salon you can use the advice from this article to help you select the best gel nail polish brand and color for your needs, your outfit, skin tone, and the occasion you’re planning to wear this nail color and style to.

By the way, salons and even nail techs working from home usually have a very nice selection of professional gel nail polish brands and colors for you to choose from.

Sometimes the choice nail techs and salons offer is overwhelming. You just can’t decide what’s best for you that’s why you may need a push in the right direction with this guide.

And if you’re a nail technician you may also need some advice that you can retell to your clients when helping them choose a perfect nail color for their needs.

Also, this guide may come in handy if your loved ones, family members, or friends are asking for your help in choosing the nail color that would fit them best.

Best gel nail polish for every season

The first thing you may want to think about is the season when you’re planning to wear a particular polish.

Of course, the first seasonal colors that come to mind when thinking about the timing of your manicure are the traditional holiday color combo — red and green.

You’ve guessed it right. These two nail colors are always associated with Christmas and the Holiday season.

And gel nail polish manufacturers never disappoint. They all offer sets that contain various shades of these two colors, sometimes even multiple shades of these hues. Plus, additional festive colors.

Other Holiday colors that are great for both Christmas and New Year party manicures are white, silver, and gold that often come with glitter and shimmer effects.

Other popular seasonal gel nail polish kits can include Haloween colors, like orange, black, and purple.

Summer and spring call for bright and intense hues like pink, coral, orange, turquoise, yellow, and grass green.

Summer hue sets can have super-bright neon effects. These shades will suit your tan or darker skin color nicely.

Imagine, how lovely they would look at a beach or a pool against your neon bathing suit and bright statement jewelry.

Autumn gel polish hues are darker and more subdued. You won’t find neon bottles in the best professional gel nail polish kits for the fall.

But deep jewel tones, like emerald green, royal blue, dark purple, black, brown, and wine are perfect for the cold season.


Another thing worth thinking about is the occasion you’re planning to wear it to, plus the fashion style you are planning to wear your gel nails with.

You’ll need to look put together and classy for an office outfit.

So deep jewel tones or neutral pastel shades are amazing for this fashion style and occasion.

Light pink and white are the go-to shades for a wedding

Wear an ultra-glamorous red to a date night at a posh restaurant or a theater with a cocktail or an evening dress.

And a night our at a club calls for bright neon shades or color-changing gel nail polish.

Skin tone

According to nail professionals, one of the most important things you should be thinking about when choosing the best gel nail polish for your new manicure is the tone of your skin.

Darker skin tones look great with both bright and pastel nail colors. The peachy undertone is amazing for darker skin.

While lighter skin requires pinkish, rosy undertones of gel nail polishes.

Try to select the best gel nail polish for your current mood, occasion, style, or season.


Of course, try to follow the latest trends.

For instance, one of the latest trends in fashion and accessories is wearing all available shades of green.

So as you can see, this hue is not only a holiday season nail color but an all-the-year-round hue that is very fashionable today.

You can incorporate this color into your nail art. It looks great when paired with white, gold, or silver.

And a couple of years ago coral was at its peak. The bright neon version is perfect for bold party nails and the pastel tint is great for office or wedding wear.

Why don’t you consider all these factors to help you choose the best gel nail polishes for your needs?

If you take all this advice into account you can become an expert in DIY nail design and help your friends and family choose their nail colors like a pro.

Plus, your favorite nail technician will be happy that you know everything about nail styles because you will be able to choose a bottle of nail polish for your new manicure quickly. So the nail tech will have more time to work on your nails before meeting the next client and will be able to even paint nail art for you.

Tip: Some of the biggest nail salons and professional nail polish lines offer online tutorials about nail design, shapes, tricks, and tips. Use them for choosing the best nail color for your needs.

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