Makeup tips for new moms

When you are a new mom, it’s common to wonder how you should do your makeup on a daily basis, especially if you want to look your best for work. You may feel self-conscious about having to wear makeup when you are new to motherhood, but you also want to have an accurate, clean and natural-looking makeup routine to maintain and make your skin look even more radiant. Here are a few tips to get you started with your makeup look.

Apply the foundation in a way that covers the area of your face that you want to highlight.

Start by covering your entire face with a light foundation. If you have dry skin, you can add a moisturizer afterwards. Then, to bring attention to your eyes, you can apply a liquid or cream eye shadow with a light pink or gold color. You can also use a blusher that has a tint to highlight your cheekbones. The other option is to apply a light blush to your cheekbones.

If you have oily or combination skin, it will need to be more moisturized than if you have dry skin. You can apply a moisturizer to help your skin feel soft and refreshed. If your face has some areas that look oily or combination, apply a light tinted moisturizer with a light coverage.

As you get ready to leave the house, moisturize the area around your lips with lip balm that has SPF and then apply a clear lip gloss over it. This will help keep your lips moisturized and hydrated and look fresh.

Apply mascara to your eyelashes before your eyeshadow, which will look natural and clean.

You can use a black or brown mascara that helps to define your eyes and make them look more awake. To apply, simply brush the lashes starting from the outer corner and moving towards the inner corner of the eye.

For a simple makeup look, just cleanse your face, apply moisturizer, apply a light foundation, apply a clear or brown eye shadow and apply mascara and lip gloss.

As a new mom, you want to look your best for work. You don’t want to get dressed up when you are out running errands or going to the gym. But you also want to look like you, as a mom, have had a little time to spend on yourself. Make sure you take time to care for your face so it looks fresh and youthful.

These tips will help you to start and develop a daily makeup routine that you can continue and use in the future. Start with these tips and see how you can incorporate them into your daily routine and look your best for work and for motherhood.

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