10-minute beauty routine for moms to share

Moms know how challenging it can be to find time to take care of ourselves. We all want to look our best and make the very best impression on our little ones. We want to feel like a confident mother to our kids. Yet we tend to rush around every day with a frenetic pace that often leaves us feeling rushed and stressed out.

We often find ourselves caught in a “beauty routine” catch-22. On the one hand, we want to take the time to care for ourselves by primping a bit before leaving the house, while on the other hand, we want to look our best in the most minimal amount of time possible. I am guilty of the former. While I make it a point to have a bit of a beauty routine, I’ve often left the house without looking as presentable as I could have. (You know you’ve been there!)

While I know that I can’t spend every minute of my day looking and feeling as fabulous as I possibly can, I also know that my little ones are looking to see how I look. As moms, it’s important to set a good example for them.

As I prepare to welcome our little one into the world, I wanted to share a 10-minute beauty routine that I’ve learned and developed over the past 5 years as a mom. This includes my favorite products, the products that work for me, and products that I wouldn’t mind leaving home without.

What makes this routine unique is that it is easy, quick, and will actually leave you looking your best – even if you only have a couple of minutes to spare! I’ve also included a few additional beauty hacks that I’ve learned along the way.

This routine will get you ready for your next day, as well as leave you with a bit of a glow in your eyes that’s been missing. I hope that it will help you feel a bit more confident in your own skin as a mom and feel like you can really put your best face forward.

1. Wash and style your hair

I’ve found that it’s much easier to spend less time styling my hair (or doing it at all) if I spend more time in the morning washing and styling my hair first. This is a great way to get your morning off on the right foot. While you can leave the dry shampoo on for a bit of a boost, I prefer to wash my hair to get rid of all the dirt and oil. This is the easiest way to keep my hair soft and manageable throughout the day.

I keep my hair washed and blow dried for a bit of time. When I’m feeling rushed, I simply blow-dry my hair in a few sections until it’s finished. (I prefer to blow-dry rather than straighten my hair). This also saves me from having to spend another 20-30 minutes after blow-drying if I decide to straighten my hair instead.

I usually don’t even leave the house without washing my hair first!

2. Gather some items you’ll need

This will make your beauty routine a bit quicker, which will give you the ability to leave the house on time. I suggest you keep your makeup products in a makeup pouch or makeup bag, so that you can get to it without much fuss.

Also, keep some baby powder or powder-free dry shampoo in a separate little pouch. This will be great for touch-ups throughout the day or for when your kids get a bit rambunctious!

3. Apply your makeup

This can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you have a lot of makeup products to use. But, it’s a lot faster if you start with a clean face first. It may be tempting to start with your eye makeup, but I’ve found that applying my eye makeup at the end is the easiest way to ensure that I’m wearing the right amount and I can avoid smudging it all over my face. I’m not the biggest fan of smudging eye makeup, and I’ve found that if I apply my makeup at the beginning of my routine, I can avoid this mess altogether.

4. Sweep on a bit of blush, bronzer, and/or eye shadow

You can apply your makeup with a light hand at first, but you should also sweep on a bit of blush to add some color to your face. I personally like to sweep on my blush with a damp beauty blender. This way, I can see how I look and touch up where needed.

You can also apply a bronzer or a shimmery eye shadow for more added dimension to your eye. I personally prefer to wear my bronzer over my cheekbones and sweep it over my eyelids. This is especially helpful when I wake up a little later in the morning and my eye makeup is looking a little tired or worn out. It gives my eyes that much-needed boost, but is still a quick look that won’t take too long.

5. Set with hairspray

While I’ve found that I’m not a huge fan of using hairspray, I think it is necessary to have it on hand for a quick touch up if I ever get caught in a rainstorm, for example.

6. Apply your eye liner and mascara

This is an optional step if you’d like. I’ve found that I’m much more prone to smudging my eye liner if I’m trying to do it right away. (Even with my damp beauty blender!) But, I’ve also found that applying my eye liner first and then applying my mascara after will ensure that I’m wearing the right amount, so I’m not smudging it all over my face.

7. Finish off your makeup with a bit of lipstick

This step may be optional, but I think that this step is a bit important. While we all want to look our best, we also want to look like we’ve put in the time and effort to make the best impression. Lipstick is an easy way to do this. But, you can always just apply a little bit of color to your lips before you go.

8. Apply your “secret weapon

I tend to save this step for when I know that I need a little bit more of a boost. I also save it for times when I know that I need to look my best at work.

This may include using some sort of facial mist. I’ve used both!

9. Add your finishing touches

This step can take longer, depending on how much time you have. I would suggest skipping this step if you know you will be leaving in less than an hour. But, if you are looking to make the most of your time, you may want to add in a few final touches. For example, I usually add a swipe of my favorite lip gloss or lip balm.

And, I like to add on a bit of a shine with some loose glitter, because it’s fun to see a little bit of sparkle when I look in the mirror!

I hope that this routine is helpful for you and gives you a bit of an added boost! It doesn’t have to be long or complicated. I found that 10-15 minutes will do the trick for me, and even when I know I have 30-45 minutes before I have to leave, I usually still add in these steps.

What’s one beauty routine that you can do quickly in 10 minutes or less? I’d love to know! Please share in the comments below.

Quick nail polish removal tips for busy moms

By Aimee Peebles

I’m a busy mom, and I do my best to take care of myself. My husband and I both work outside the home, so our mornings and afternoons are pretty crazy with our two little boys, work commitments, and play dates. It’s hard enough to get our little ones to school on time without also juggling our polish.

It doesn’t help that I’m a total polish addict. I love my manicures! I just think they’re a fun part of being a mom. My favorite part about wearing nail polish, though, is that I get to customize my nails to fit the occasion or my mood. I use a variety of nail polish brands, including the Essie and OPI colors I wore to my last baby shower, and I don’t hesitate to add a new color to my collection every so often.

While I’m not really into a major manicure routine, I’ve found some handy tips and products that work great for me. These are the same products and tips I use to get the polish off and save my fingertips:

1. Get the polish out

Most nail polish removers contain acetone, which is highly flammable and irritates the skin, so I try to avoid using it. Instead, I use an acetone-free nail polish remover, which is non-irritating and easy to use.

I’ll take off my polish with this nail polish remover, though it will strip off the polish more slowly than acetone. I find that it’s still effective, but the process can take more than 10 minutes.

2. Use warm water

You can’t go wrong with warm water and nail polish remover. This combo is highly effective and quick. I use a sponge to soak my nails, apply the polish remover, and then wash my nails with warm water. The warm water acts as a quick warm soak, which is helpful when you want to soak off the polish quickly.

3. Work in small amounts

Don’t be afraid to use a small amount of polish remover to get out nail polish. I find that it can take longer to get the polish out if I use more than a pea-sized amount. It’s also more likely to irritate my skin.

4. Be patient

I’m pretty hard to convince that nail polish can be removed quickly with a nail polish remover, but I think you’ll be surprised how quickly it can be done with a little patience.

5. Try nail polish remover over a cotton ball

I’ve tried using nail polish remover over a cotton ball and found it to be pretty effective. I’m not the world’s best painter, but this works for me.

And that’s pretty much it!

Top 3 eco-friendly beauty products for new moms and moms to be

For all of you new moms and soon-to-be mamas out there, I’m sure you are tired, tired, tired. With three kids under the age of 5 and another due any day, I’m already tired, but you know what doesn’t make me feel any better? The baby shower gift guide that I’m supposed to be putting together. And that’s why I was so thrilled to be able to check out some of the best eco-friendly beauty products for new moms on the market. Some of these beauty products were specifically created for mom and baby, but many can be used by moms on their own.

Before we begin, let me just say that all of these products were gifted to me for this post. As always, I appreciate every gift I receive, and this is no different. I have received nothing but praise from both of my daughters when I’ve told them about the products that I received. I’m sure their approval will also be on my mind as I review each product, but it is my sincere hope that each review I write will be useful, so I’ll do my best to not let my children’s influence color the review.

This is my second post in a series of four, but as always, I will let you know in the introduction that you are going to see an Eco-friendly product list. What I will do in this post, however, is break out some specific eco-friendly products that are either new on the market or have just received a lot of buzz. You may also notice a brand or two that’s missing from the list of the Eco-friendly products on the market. That’s because some products that aren’t Eco-friendly, but are very well made, are great products, but may have a negative impact on the environment. So please, be a little more thoughtful and eco-conscious with the products you purchase.

1. Bamboo Shampoo & Conditioner – $12.99 for a 14.4 oz. bottle at Walmart

I have a small obsession with shampoo. I mean, how many times do you have to use shampoo every day? I’m one of those people that likes to use at least three or four shampoos a week. When I’m traveling, I don’t even bring my own. I use hotel shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. With my daughters, I use the same shampoo every day. My hair is fine and I prefer a heavier conditioner. After giving my hair a lot of attention, I end up with dry, crunchy hair. My daughters’ hair, however, has not seen that problem.

I have found a couple of natural shampoos and conditioners that seem to give my hair a good boost in the moisture department, and I’m hoping they’ll continue to keep it moisturized, but I also like to try and use eco-friendly products when I can. In the case of the shampoo and conditioner from the above link, they’re made of bamboo, so I’m excited to see how they will work for my hair. My daughters’ hair is already soft, so I’m excited to try this one for myself.

This product is very affordable for a great shampoo and conditioner, and the packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. The scent is a little more fruity than I would like, but not too bad. I plan to give it a try and see if it gives my hair the boost I’m looking for.

2. Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Castile Soap – $6.79 for a 6 oz. bottle at Walmart

Lavender is another scent that is very popular for both mom and baby, and it’s also one of my favorite scents. When I think of scents, I also think of baby powder. The only problem is that most baby powders aren’t natural. My daughter is a lot like her mom, so I would much rather use a natural product than a chemically-laden product for my baby.

Dr. Bronner’s is my go-to brand of castile soap, so when I heard that they had created a Lavender scented soap, I knew I had to try it out. I love this product, and I am a big fan of natural products, so it’s safe to say that I will be using this product. If you aren’t familiar with castile soap, it’s the basis of most natural soaps. I will definitely keep this on hand for my daughter once she’s born, and I’m happy that Dr. Bronner’s is supporting the earth by making this product. I also love how it smells. If you like lavender scents, this is one you will want to try.

3. SkinTec Face Cream – $19.95 for a 6 oz. bottle at Walmart

I have had the opportunity to try SkinTec face cream. My husband bought this product for me during a recent vacation, and I have to say that I have been loving it. It’s not greasy, and it’s not sticky. It just feels good on my skin. The only downside I have noticed is that the scent is a little on the strong side, but it’s a scent I like.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review, and this is the second time I have received the products for this post.

DIY Pregnancy Stretch Mark Salve – Natural Way to Reducing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most awaited moment in every woman’s life, and in order to make the most out of it, many women turn towards beauty treatments. During the pregnancy, it is not unusual to see stretch marks appear on the abdomen and breasts of a woman.

Stretching and firmness of the skin are also affected by pregnancy. Many women struggle to get rid of the stretch marks they have acquired.

The following article explains a natural way to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy.

It is the most effective treatment to be used when treating stretch marks during pregnancy.

The natural method involves using a blend of olive oil, egg whites, honey and cucumbers. You may also take your pick of an olive oil based product but there’s a catch to using it as it could possibly hurt your baby’s health.

The above mixture is said to be one of the best solutions to this problem and that’s the reason I decided to share it with you.

The ingredients are very effective in treating the problems caused by stretch marks and also have a soothing effect on the skin.

The mixture contains olive oil as its base.

Olive oil contains many benefits. It is also known to increase the blood flow to the skin. It can also act as a moisturizer and is also known to reduce scars.

The egg white acts as a good emulsifier to create a smooth texture. The egg whites are also known to work as a hair treatment and a skin treatment and is also known to work as a toner.

Cucumber is also known to work as a moisturizer and has cooling properties.

Honey is also known to be a natural moisturizer. It’s also known to help the blood flow to the skin and can be used as a hair treatment.

The mixture can be used to reduce stretch marks in a way that no surgery is required and that is the reason you can use the mixture when you are pregnant.

The mixture can also be applied by using a spray bottle and you can also rub the mixture directly onto the stretch marks.

You can also take a small amount of the mixture and massage it into your skin, allowing it to dry before you wash it off. You can use the mixture anytime you want to reduce stretch marks.

You can use the mixture if you are pregnant, after pregnancy and also if you want to use it as a skin treatment after childbirth. The mixture is also used for many other purposes.

Using the mixture on your skin has many benefits including helping the blood circulation, healing the skin, reducing redness and many others.


Olive oil

You need to use 100% pure olive oil or preferably virgin olive oil. Virgin oil has a high content of vitamin E and has anti-aging properties. You may use regular oil and you can use olive oil for the mixture.


You need to use the same kind of honey as you used when using olive oil. The mixture is used as a natural skin treatment so it does not matter what kind of honey you use. The honey should be pure or natural.


The mixture contains cucumber so you may use fresh cucumber as an ingredient. You can also use a cucumber in which you peeled off the skin and seeds but this will affect the taste. The mixture should be used for at least 2 weeks or even longer.

Egg whites

The mixture is used to create a smooth texture. This ingredient also helps to create a smooth and even texture on your skin. It’s also a moisturizer and it’s also a natural emulsifier.

How to Make Stretch Marks Salve?

Step 1

If you are using the mixture on stretch marks on your breasts, you may use your favorite stretch marks cream before applying the mixture.

You need to rub the stretch marks cream onto your stretch marks and allow it to stay for around an hour. You may wash it off after the hour or you can leave it on for as long as you want.

If you have a sensitive skin then you need to dilute the stretch marks cream with equal parts of the mixture.

Step 2

You may apply the mixture directly on your stretch marks using your fingers. You can also use a spray bottle to make it easier to apply. It’s recommended to use a soft cotton ball when applying the mixture and avoid using a sponge as you may hurt your skin while applying it.

You can also rub it in for around 10-15 minutes. You can also leave it on for a few minutes if you want a long-lasting effect.

Step 3

You may repeat the application of the mixture if you need more effects.

Step 4

You may massage the mixture into your skin. This can help increase the circulation and it will also help reduce redness on your skin.


You should always check the ingredients of the mixture and make sure that the ingredients are not harmful to you and your baby.

You may use the mixture before or after pregnancy.

You should always check with your doctor before using the mixture on your skin.

It is advisable to use the mixture a few times a week.

You should also check with your doctor if you are planning to use the mixture for a longer period.

How & why you should make self-care a priority as a mom

How and why we should all make self-care a priority as mums.

When my daughters were babies I worked full-time as a physiotherapist and I juggled being a wife, a mum, a yoga student, a student, and a volunteer.

As they got older I worked part-time and as the time changed I started working full-time again.

I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel and my life started to fall apart.

I started to feel like I couldn’t keep up with the demands of my career as well as the demands of being a mum and a wife.

I started having anxiety, low moods and guilt that I couldn’t be with my daughters enough.

There was so much guilt that I felt about being out late in the evenings, not being able to be there to read to them, cuddles and bedtimes.

There was also guilt that I wasn’t taking enough time for myself.

I felt like I needed to be around for them 100% and that everything else I did had to be second to that.

I worked in private practice and I didn’t work from home, which meant that I wasn’t around the house enough.

I was exhausted and I was feeling very low.

I started to feel like a shell of a person and I was starting to lose my confidence.

I was worried that my daughters would grow up and feel like they didn’t have the right person to turn to.

I wasn’t in a position to talk to my husband about my struggles.

I also felt like I couldn’t talk to my family about my struggles either as they might judge me.

So, I kept my feelings hidden and I tried to do everything that I could to hide my low moods and to try and fit back into my life as a working mum again.

As a mum I always knew that we needed to take time out for ourselves.

I also knew that I needed to get to a place where I felt healthy and happy so that I could be the best mum and wife that I could be.

So, I started to put in self-care back into my life.

I went to a weekly women’s group at the local yoga studio to support each other and to keep the dialogue going.

I started working with a yoga instructor one-to-one on my self-care, mental health and stress management so that I felt better and that I could get through my days.

I started making sure that I was in bed by 8pm most nights and that I read at least once a week.

I started to prioritise self-care.

I was still working and I had just started a new part-time job.

I felt so guilty that I wasn’t doing enough for my family and my career, but I also knew that my self-care was key to making sure that I could do the things that I needed to do for my family and for myself.

However, as I started to do my self-care, I started to notice that other people were doing the same and that it made me feel better to see others talking about self-care and to hear about others experiences of taking care of themselves.

As we talked about our struggles and self-care I realised that we were all doing the same things.

We were all working full-time jobs as well as having our families and I realised that no one had the perfect life or the perfect life balance.

We were all juggling it all and we were all trying to do our best to take care of ourselves, our families and our jobs.

That was when I realised that I should make self-care a priority.

Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s a necessity to survive as a mum and a wife.

The only way that I will make the most of my life is by taking time out for myself.

As mums and wives we are the glue that holds our lives together.

So, when we start to take care of ourselves, we are taking care of our families.

If we are taking time to look after ourselves then we will have the energy to look after our families, friends, work and our husbands.

Taking time to care for ourselves will make our lives easier.

We will be happier.

We will feel better.

We will be stronger, more confident and we will be more capable of handling everything in life.

It’s ok to take a break from our families and our work, but it’s not ok to lose our confidence or our health or to not feel happy.

What to do if your teenage daughter wants to start wearing makeup

Makeup is a very touchy subject for parents these days. Many parents still see the use of makeup and foundation on teenage girls as a big sign of immaturity and insecurity. On the other hand, other parents welcome the use of make up because they think that it will help their daughters look and feel better.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to teenage girls and makeup is that some parents feel that it may make their daughters look too mature, while other parents just want to help their girls feel better about themselves and feel like they are part of the adult world. If you are the parent who thinks that it is time for your daughter to begin wearing makeup, or the parent who wants to make your daughter feel more comfortable wearing it, then these five tips will help you make the right decision.

1. Make sure she looks her age

If you think that your daughter is still too young to begin wearing makeup, then maybe it’s time to talk to her. Make sure that your daughter looks as much like an adolescent as possible. Even though she may be dressed and acting like an adult, she should be allowed to dress and act like the child she is. She should not be wearing makeup or jewelry to make her appear older than she is. The reason for this is that if she is mature enough to wear makeup, then she is mature enough to act and dress like an adult.

2. Don’t give her an ultimatum

Most parents of teenagers want their daughters to dress and act like they themselves would like to dress and act. The problem is that parents often have their own insecurities that are making them think that their daughters should look and act more like they do. If this is the case for you, then you should never give your daughter an ultimatum. Always give her options, so that she can make an informed decision on her own.

3. Make sure she feels comfortable with her choices

Make sure that you let her know that you love her and that you care about what she feels comfortable wearing. You should never be dictatorial about it, because this is something she will be wearing in the future. Be as non-judgmental as possible about her choices and her skin. Make sure that you ask her about any concerns that she has about her skin. This will make her feel more comfortable with her decision and will make sure that she feels good about herself.

4. Take her to a makeup counter and let her choose her own

Makeup counters are the perfect places for teenage girls and their parents to be together. Many teenagers feel more confident wearing makeup when they are around makeup counters, and you can tell this by the way that they are dressed and by how they act. If you want to help your daughter learn more about the products that are out there and to try a few different makeup looks, then you should take her to the counter and let her choose what she would like to try.

5. Make sure that it is safe for her

Make sure that you let her know that the products that she is going to use on her face are all safe and that they will not harm her skin. If you can find a makeup counter that sells products that do not include harsh chemicals, then you should be sure to take your daughter there. Always keep in mind that she is going to be spending a lot of time putting on makeup and then taking it off. Make sure that she is safe when she does this.

If your daughter wants to start wearing makeup and is in her teenage years, then these five tips will help you make the right decision. Make sure that she feels confident and that she feels good about herself when she is wearing makeup. If you follow the above tips, you should be able to help her make a good choice.

Nail care tips for busy moms – how to get a manicure for $6!

If you’ve ever gotten a manicure, you know the best part is after all the waiting and waiting for it to dry. What you’ve missed out on, is the process of making your cuticles look fabulous!

Cuticles should never be neglected, as they have a protective function.

We’ve rounded up a few easy ways to keep your nails in tip-top shape while spending less time than ever on your nails.

How to get a manicure for $6 – the easy way!

Now, how easy is it to get a manicure? With just a few items in the right places, you can create a simple DIY manicure that will take seconds to complete, and keep your hands in tip-top condition for less than a quarter.

Let’s jump right into the details and see what you can create for your hands and wallet.

How to get a manicure for $6:


First, you’re going to need a good-quality nail polish. Don’t buy the ones that you can find at the dollar store. If your nail polish costs less than $5, chances are you’re dealing with a cheap quality. Get the best nail polish or gel nail polish you can find.

Not only do cheap nail polishes dry slower, they may even be toxic! When you use them, you need to be very careful and protect your hands from getting too close to your mouth or eyes when the polish is still wet.

If you’re not feeling safe using a cheap quality of nail polish, you can look for good quality brand nail polishes like Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen brand polishes are designed to dry fast, are affordable, and last longer, which will mean your manicure will last longer and be less likely to chip.

Sally Hansen polishes are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, making it easy to find the one that best matches your skin tone.

You can find all the Sally Hansen polishes at Wal-Mart, Target, and other stores around the nation.


You’ll also need a nail brush and an emery board. A nail brush should be used to apply the polish to your nails. Nail brushes come in different shapes and sizes, so be sure to choose the one that will apply polish with the best coverage.

If you’re looking for a nail brush that doesn’t cost you a fortune, go with a good quality bristle brush. These brushes are affordable, but they may be a bit pricey at first.

If you want something more affordable, you can get a synthetic brush for under $10. These brushes may not be quite as durable as bristle brushes, but they provide you with a similar quality and look.

Emery boards are used to file cuticles so they look healthy and smooth. Emery boards can be found in most beauty supply stores, and most home improvement stores as well.

You can also pick up a few emery boards for $10 or less at Wal-Mart, Target, and other stores around the nation.

Nail files come in many different shapes and sizes. These files are great because you can use them to file down any hard edges on your nails, which will make your manicure look more even and pretty.

Nails files can be found in most beauty supply stores and in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Nail care is such a quick and easy way to update the appearance of your hands!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great manicure. Instead, all you need is a few simple materials to make your nails look amazing.

DIY hair mask recipe

This post may contain links that give us a small commission at no cost to you. Read our affiliate link policy for more information.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a hair mask recipe post, but it’s back! With the holidays coming up, I thought this would be a good time to remind everyone of the simple DIY masks that are super easy and can be used for a variety of hair needs. We have found that many of the ingredients can be bought in bulk and stored in the pantry for quick access, making the DIY mask recipes super affordable.

I’m excited to share with you that I made one of my favorite DIY masks for curly hair!

While I love making up DIY masks, I have not had many curly hair needs so this was an exciting experiment for me to work with. After trying out a lot of DIY masks, this is the one I ended up using.

I have to admit, this was my first time making a hair mask using a DIY recipe. I had seen many of these hair mask recipes floating around on social media but never gave them a try because I was a little concerned. I thought that maybe making a hair mask might be too complicated for me.

But once I found this one, I was super excited to make a DIY mask for my curls!

A while back, I came across this mask while searching for a DIY recipe to try. It caught my eye because it mentioned how to make a homemade “oil” mask using castor oil. When I first heard about castor oil, I was a little worried because I thought it was a weird ingredient to use in a DIY mask. I had seen the term “oil” used in recipes for DIY masks before, but it was often coconut oil.

I was concerned that a “oil” mask using castor oil might not be suitable for curly hair. But once I tried the mask, it turned out really well!

I’ve been using it almost every week for my hair since I first made it. It leaves my hair super soft, but not greasy. I like to use it as an “in between” treatment.

DIY hair mask recipe

What you need:

2 cups of almond milk (or your favorite nut milk)

1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil

2 Tablespoons of castor oil

1 teaspoon of coconut oil

1 teaspoon of avocado oil

1/2 teaspoon of aloe vera gel

How to:

Add all of your ingredients together in a bowl, and stir. Let the mixture sit for 10 to 20 minutes. After 10 to 20 minutes, use a rubber spatula to break up the oil and mix the mixture well.

Apply the mixture to your hair.

Leave the mixture on your hair for 5 to 10 minutes.

Shampoo your hair as usual, but use a lighter shampoo. Rinse your hair and condition as usual.

I use this mixture almost every week for my hair. It leaves my hair super soft, but not greasy. I like to use it as an “in between” treatment. It’s especially good for curly hair, and will not weigh it down like other oil-based products.

I have used this recipe on my hair for over a year, and it hasn’t harmed my hair in any way.

12 Makeup products celebrity moms swear by

There is no question that makeup can be a big part of your daily routine. Whether you’re a professional working on a shoot or a mom with a busy schedule, makeup can help make you look more professional, as well as feel more confident. But do you know what type of makeup products will work for you? It’s more than what brand and color of foundation you use. There are certain types of makeup products that are especially good for professional makeup, or even your special day.

Here is a list of the makeup products celebrity moms swear by:

1. Liquid foundation:

This makeup product is great for women who have oily skin, because it will help absorb oil on your face. You can also use this product when you have dry skin, as it will add a little bit of moisture and help your skin to retain moisture. Most liquid foundations are alcohol-based, which is a great thing for your skin, but they can sometimes make you feel a bit flaky. If you have dry or sensitive skin, you might want to look for a formula without alcohol in it.

2. Concealer:

This is a product that you should use before you apply makeup in order to hide any blemishes or dark circles. It is important to use a concealer that is good for your skin type, because if you choose a wrong product you can end up with a lot of makeup on your skin. The good news is that there is a lot of variety, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to find a concealer that works for you.

3. Mineral foundation:

This is a great type of foundation that won’t look too cakey or heavy. Mineral foundations usually have a lot of pigments in them, so it is best to avoid using them if you have dark skin.

4. Powder foundation:

If you have dry or combination skin, powder is a great type of foundation to use. It adds moisture to the skin and won’t clog your pores. This is a good type of foundation for women who have oily skin, because it will help absorb the oils in the skin. If you don’t have a dry or oily skin type, you can try a mineral powder foundation for a more natural look.

5. Blush:

If you’re a woman who likes to look a little more youthful and you have a few wrinkles, blush can be a great product to use. You’ll want to use something that is a good color match to your skin, but not too light that you look too washed out.

6. BB Cream:

This is a new type of makeup product that comes in a lot of different colors and formulas. It’s made to help you create a more natural looking makeup, but you can still choose the shade that works for you. It’s best to avoid this type of makeup if you have darker skin because it’s not meant to be worn on your skin.

7. Mascara:

If you want to create a more professional look, it’s a good idea to choose a product with a waterproof formula. It will help you to create a long-lasting look. The best mascara for women with oily skin is one that won’t clog your pores.

8. Mascara primer:

This type of product helps to make sure your mascara stays on your lashes. It helps to make sure that your mascara won’t flake off or make your lashes look stringy. It’s a good product to try if you want to do a little more mascara.

9. Lipstick:

Women who have dry or combination skin usually like to avoid using lipstick because it tends to make the dry skin look a little bit chalky. However, if you have oily skin, you can use lipstick to help create a nice natural looking look.

10. Lip liner:

Some women prefer the natural look to an all-out lip gloss, so a good lip liner will be able to help you create that look. You can even wear lip liner with lipsticks that have a little bit of gloss in them to help make your lipstick look a little more shiny.

11. Eye shadow:

This type of makeup product is great for anyone who wants to look more professional. It will help to create that great polished look. If you have oily skin, you can use a product that will help to control the oils and keep them from showing through your makeup.

12. Eyeliner:

This is another type of makeup that can help create a polished and professional look. If you have dry or combination skin, it’s important to find a product that won’t make your skin look dry or flaky. You can use this product to draw thin lines or thicker lines to help create a more natural look.

Best wellness gifts for Mother’s Day

This post is sponsored by CVS Caremark. Thank you for supporting the brands that make my life better.

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year. I love being able to show my mother the things I care about and the effort I put into keeping myself healthy and happy. When my mother is ill and I can’t be with her this year, I will be sure to send her one of these great gifts.

1. Personalized Fitbit

I love my Fitbit. It’s a great little gadget that gives you personalized information about your health and helps you be more active. It’s always on my bedside table, so I can’t walk past without checking my stats. I like the variety of options and the app that I can customize my information and show my loved ones when they come home. This is one of my favorite gifts because it will help my mother see how she is doing and how she can improve.

2. Fitbit Flex

This is the first fitness tracker I received and one of the only things my mother has had to keep on her. It helps her keep track of how much activity she’s doing each day and where she is throughout the day. The tracker syncs with your phone, so it’s very easy to share information with family. I like the way it tracks my sleep and how I can set a timer to make sure I’m getting up and going to the bathroom before I go to bed.

3. Purely Yours Body Wrap

One of the most relaxing treatments at a spa is the body wrap. The body wrap is a relaxing experience because you are completely submerged in a tub of heated water and oils. The heat is soothing and the oils help relax muscles and the skin. The skin is softened, which makes it easy to remove any dead skin or calluses. This gift is a treat for my mom’s skin that is usually on display because she’s a mom, so she definitely needs a break.

4. VeinView Medical App

I’m always worried that my mother will hurt her foot or leg, but she has very small varicose veins on the backs of her legs. She has been taking prescription strength vitamin B and drinking lots of water to treat the problem. This gift is an app that monitors her blood pressure and vein health throughout the day, as well as her heart rate. She can check her blood pressure in the bathroom or in her car and have peace of mind that she’s going to be okay.

5. Recharge

With Mother’s Day coming up, it is important to remember that we’re always here for our moms, but we need time to ourselves. I’m all about taking the time for myself every day. This is a gift that will help mom be well-rested. It’s an amazing gift that is sure to delight my mother.

6. Skin MD Mask

When I was in high school, I had an obsession with body care products and I would always apply them in the shower. I wanted to get rid of dead skin and leave my skin smooth and bright. I used body lotions, scrubs, and masks to give my skin that glowy look I always wanted. This gift is perfect for any mother-daughter duo. It’s a great mask that will hydrate and soothe the skin. My mom is a busy woman who is constantly on the go, so this gift will give her something to look forward to every week.

7. Eucerin

I’ve been dealing with dry skin my whole life. Every product I tried on my mom’s skin was a disappointment. I’ve heard of people who have had success with Eucerin, so I was excited when my mom brought a sample of it to me for Christmas. She told me she was surprised by how hydrated her skin was after using it. I can only imagine that her skin is going to feel like it’s a new-born baby’s after using it.

8. Skin MD

I’m obsessed with beauty and skincare products. I love my iPhone app because I can use it to find products that I’m not sure about or if I’m in a new city and not sure what brands are available. I am always looking for new products to try and Skin MD is my new favorite. It has a variety of skincare products, including lotions and serums. The products come in a portable sample bag, so I can try it out for my mom and see what my favorite is.